Experience is Education

http://corpcommander.blogspot.com/Suppose we have a child and we just stuff him with textbooks. Nothing he is allowed to interact with - only we allow him to interact with textbooks. What do you think will become of the child? Not talking of the health consequences, let us just say that the child will be very knowledgeable regarding the facts - regarding the facts - not regarding the interpretation of the facts, mind you.

It is this that matters - you know something because you have read about it. Now, you must have experienced it also to fully appreciate it and learn about it and not to mention utilize and develop on it. To develop anything further, you need experience. To gain experience you must interact with the event on a personal level. That is what most vocations do. A computer programmer interacts with the language of programming on a daily basis, thus sharpening the blade of his skills every time he develops something.

Education is not experience. It is vice-versa. Experience is education. Teachers they teach in colleges, schools, and institutions. You can make out an experienced teacher from a novice, just by looking at the face. The new teacher would be shy; the experienced will be oozing confidence. Can you match that experience any time? No way.

And that is the point of discussion here - experience is of immense value. You are not allowed to disregard experience when recruiting someone. But you do - because you need paperwork of a degree. Again, that is where a life experience degree comes into the picture. A life experience degree gives you proof that you are experienced and have been awarded a degree for that - just like they award a degree for learning from books and writing it down successfully in the papers.